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Pool shock with calcium hypochlorite

Caring for a Clean and Safe Pool by DEVELOP

Do you have a pool at home? Would you like to keep it clean and swimmable? If yes you can use pool shock containing cal hypo shock. A white, solid chemical calcium hypochlorite is commonly used to make the water in swimming pools clean. It effectively destroys bacteria and germs. Also known as pool shock. Pool shock with calcium hypochlorite helps the chlorine levels in your water rise quickly.

Advantages of Calcium Hypochlorite

There are many benefits to using Pool shock with calcium hypochlorite by DEVELOP. First of all it helps to kill bacteria viruses and other germs so you do not get sick from the water. For another, it acts quickly. It will start to work in as little as a few hours. Third it is cheap. Finally, calcium hypochlorite shock helps maintain the pool water clean and secure for a lengthy period.

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