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stabilised chlorine granules

For a swim-ready sparkling pool read on to learn all you need to know about why chlorine granules are essential for your swimming pools. The granules are really important in keeping your swimming pool water free of harm.

A Closer Look at Chlorine Granules

Chlorine granules are a necessary tool for pool owners because they kill bacteria and algae very well in water. Engineered by design, they offer a lasting impression to controlling harmful forms of micro-agents.

Advantages of Chlorine Granules

Above all, chlorinated granules are valuable and long lasting in use. Granular chlorine, on the other hand, is self-explanatory and easy to use with minimal effort in keeping your pool clean. Add chlorine granules to your pool maintenance schedule, for a stress-free and an enjoyable swimming experience Instead.

Why choose DEVELOP stabilised chlorine granules?

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