Sodium Bisulphate

  • Sodium Bisulphate 92%

    Sodium Bisulphate 92%

    1. Product Name SODIUM BISULPHATE 92% 2. Basic Parameters 3. Features 1.Sodium Bisulfate is used as PH modifying agent to replace vitriol. 2.Used as detergent for ceramic, marble and toilet, or used as pretreatment agent for acid washing and plating coating. 3.It is also...Read More
  • Sodium Bisulphate 98%

    Sodium Bisulphate 98%

    1. Product Name SODIUM BISULPHATE 98% 2. Basic Parameters 3. Features 1. Sodium Bisulfate is white monoclinic crystal powder or granular. 2. It is very easy to dissolve in water. 3. Reducing the alkalinity of swimming pool water. 4. Advantages 1. The delivery is timely, the...Read More
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