Chlorine Dioxide

  • Chlorine Dioxide 8%

    Chlorine Dioxide 8%

    1. Product Name Chlorine Dioxide 8% 2. Basic Parameters 3. Features Chlorine dioxide is a good disinfectant and strong oxidizer. Chlorine dioxide is a kind of chlorine containing preparation.also a kind of safety and high efficiency disinfectant. In the case of high...Read More
  • Chlorine Dioxide 10% Granular

    Chlorine Dioxide 10% Granular

    1. Product Name Chlorine Dioxide 10% 2. Basic Parameters 3. Features 1. The green environmental protection, non-toxic, without any side effects. 2. Rapid and thorough sterilization. For a variety of bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, including high temperature resistant...Read More
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