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Product Use Of Trichloroisocyanuric Acid
- Jan 04, 2018 -

   Chloro-Cyanuric acid is an efficient disinfection of bleach, storage stability, easy to use, safe, widely used in food processing, drinking water disinfection, sericulture and rice seed disinfection, almost all fungi, bacteria, virus spores have a killing effect, on the killing of hepatitis A, hepatitis B virus has special effects, On the sex virus and HIV also has good disinfection effect, the use of safe and convenient. has been in the industrial water, swimming pool water, cleaning agents, hospitals, tableware, etc. as a sterile agent: in sericulture and other aquaculture as a sterilization agent. Cyanuric acid is widely used in industrial production besides disinfectant and bactericide.

Application in printing and dyeing industry
   Cyanuric acid contains active chlorine as high as 90%, in the dyeing and printing industry as a bleaching agent for cotton, hemp, wool, synthetic fibres and blended fiber bleaching treatment. Not only does not damage the fiber, and the performance is superior to the sodium hypochlorite and the bleaching essence, is acceptable replaces the import sodium hypochlorite to use.

Application in food industry
   Instead of ketamine for food disinfection, the effective chlorine content is three times times that of ketamine T. And can be used as a decolorizing agent of Dextrin.

Application in wool textile industry
   Used in the wool textile industry as a shrink-proof agent in lieu of potassium bromate.

Application in rubber industry
   Used in the production of rubber industry as chlorination agent.

Used as an industrial oxidizer
   The oxidation-reduction electrode potential of cyanuric acid is the equivalent of hypochlorite, which can be used as a high quality oxidant instead of hypochlorite.