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Methods For The Use Of Trichloroisocyanuric Acid
- Jan 04, 2018 -

1. Drinking water disinfection:: 100 kg of water to add 0.4 grams, stir static for a period of time.
2. Swimming pool disinfection: In the swimming pool every cubic metre of 3~5 grams.
3. Industrial circulating cooling water treatment: each 1m3 water plus 0.5 grams, the free chlorine concentration in the cooling water is generally controlled between 0.25~0.5ppm, ph value in 7~8 is advisable.
4. Other:
   (1) Tableware disinfection. Add 0.25 grams of water per 5 kg and soak the cleaned tableware for 5 minutes.
   (2) Sewage, feces treatment. Dosing 5 grams per cubic metre of sewage or feces to eliminate odor.
   (3) Sterilization and disinfection of seeds. The seed disinfection with TCCA can break the dormancy period of seeds, raise the germination rate of seeds, inhibit the occurrence of diseases, and it is important that it does not have environmental pollution problems and is harmless to animals and humans. The method is to soak 12 hours with 0.2%tcca aqueous solution.
   (4) Sterilization and disinfection of aquaculture.
   (5) Used in hospital sewage, diapers, toilet, medicine bowl and equipment disinfection. Compared with the commonly used new Jie, Shi carbonate, wash will be too, ketamine T, the same disinfection object, Tcca dosage is only the 1/10~1/100 of the conventional disinfectant, and sterilization speed, good effect.
   (6) Used for disinfection and deodorization of garbage in household and public places. The formula is: tcca25%, scouring 25~65%, two chlorobenzene 10~15%, suitable for the toilet and garbage, as well as the drainage ditch disinfection to stink.