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Merry Christmas!
- Dec 25, 2018 -

 圣诞袜(1)   In many countries, children prepare empty 

containers for Santa Claus to fill with small gifts, such as toys, candy or fruit.In the United States, children hang Christmas stockings over the fireplace on Christmas Eve for Santa Claus to come down from the chimney and put presents in the socks. In some countries, children put their shoes outdoors.Giving gifts is not only about Santa Claus, but also about family members and friends giving gifts to each other.

   Father Christmas comes from European folklore.He is plump and has  12 reindeer with different u=376148113,2349398000&fm=26&gp=0[1]names.According to legend, on Christmas day, he traveled around in a carriage and observed people's behaviors, especially children. If he behaved well, he would be rewarded with  apples, nuts, sugar and other prizes.

Santa has 12 reindeer in all.

  1. Leading the deer:Rudolph

  2. Dasher

  3. Comet

  4. Cupid

  5. Dancer

  6. Kirm

  7. Prancer

  8. Vixen

  9. Donner

  10. Blitzen

  11. Fireball

  12. Olive


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