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Brief Introduction Of Trichloroisocyanuric Acid
- Jan 04, 2018 -

Cyanuric acid is a white crystalline powder or granular solid, with a strong chlorine-stimulating flavor, containing effective chlorine in more than 90%, 25 degrees in the water solubility of 1.2 grams, acid or alkali easily decomposed [2].

Cyanuric acid is a kind of chlorinated cyanuric acid, which is a more important bleach, chlorinated agent and disinfectant. It is associated with traditional chlorinated agents such as liquid chlorine, bleach, bleaching powder, compared with a high effective chlorine content, storage and transportation stability, forming and easy to use, sterilization and bleaching power, in the water release effective chlorine long time, safe and non-toxic characteristics, so its development and research by the attention of countries. Cyanuric acid is widely used in industrial water, swimming pool, hospital, tableware and other fungicides, development and utilization prospects are very broad. At present, cyanuric acid has been widely used in industrial circulating water.

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