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Analysis Of The Properties Of Dichloroisocyanuric Acid
- Oct 12, 2018 -

Analysis of the properties of sodium two chloroisocyanurate

Product characteristics:

Dichloroisocyanuric acid is a high-efficiency, broad-spectrum, new type of endogenous bactericide, has a strong biocidal effect, at 20 ppm, the bactericidal rate reached 99%. It can kill all kinds of bacteria, algae, fungi and germs. Sodium dichloroisocyanurate is stable in chemical properties and can be stored under dry conditions for half a year with no more than 1% reduction of available chlorine for storage and transportation. The mechanism of action of sodium dichloroisocyanurate is as follows: spraying on the surface of crops can release hypochlorite slowly, and cause the pathogen to die rapidly by denaturing the bacterial protein, changing the membrane permeability, interfering with the physiological and biochemical processes of enzyme system and affecting DNA synthesis.


White powder or granule, chlorinated taste, soluble in water, dry goods long-term storage, effective chlorine has little decline, is a stable strong oxidant and chlorinating agent.