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TCCA:2018 Australian International Swimming Pool Exhibition
- Sep 19, 2018 -

TCCA:2018 Australian international swimming pool Exhibition

SPLASH Pool & Spa Trade Show 2018

Exhibition time: 1-2 August 2018

Exhibition venue: Gold coast Conference & Convention Center

Holding cycle: two years

Participating company:Qingdao Develop Chemistry Co.,Ltd

Brief introduction of exhibition and market trade information:

SPLASH Pool & Spa Trade Show is Australia's largest international professional swimming pool exhibition, has successfully held nine sessions. The tenth exhibition was held in August 2018 at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Center, Australia. With the increasing number of exhibitors, the scale of the exhibition is also expanding. After the first expansion of the exhibition hall in 2008, the exhibition center will be moved to the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Center this year and nearly 30% of the venue will be expanded. All exhibitors can be accommodated in the same museum. The exhibition has a high degree of professionalism. There were more than 200 exhibitors in the last exhibition. It attracted more than 4000 professional audiences and buyers from all over the world.

Participating in the exhibition will discover the latest trends in the swimming pool and Spa industry, the latest products and many innovative technologies, while the exhibition is Australian swimming pool and Spa industry's key projects.