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The use of sodium dichloride in aquaculture
- Jan 04, 2018 -

1. Sterilization and disinfection of silkworm rearing
Silkworm is very vulnerable to pests and diseases and bacteria, if the poor care, the silkworm body is very easy to zombie, two sodium chloride is a good silkworm house, Silkworm and silkworm body disinfectant, such as two chloro-cyanuric acid sodium or two chloro-cyanuric acid sodium as the main body, add stabilizer and promoter evenly mixed with disinfectant aqueous solution spraying or smoke can make silkworm room, Silkworm and Silkworm body disinfection, and can prevent silkworm disease. Not only for the Silkworm virus disease, fungal disease, bacterial disease, protozoa disease of the original very good killing effect, but also has the remarkable killing effect to the gastrointestinal type pus disease multiple angle body, the gastrointestinal type sepsis virus, the blood type dense disease multiple angle body and so on has the notable germicidal efficacy, compared with the commonly used silkworm disinfectant, its quick dissolving speed, the stability is good, the potency period is long, There is no adverse effect on the growth and development of Silkworm and silkworm quality, which is one of the best disinfection drugs in sericulture.

2. Sterilization and disinfection of aquaculture
Sodium dichloride can effectively prevent and cure bacteria, the fish disease caused by fungi and algae has obvious curative effect on the viral diseases of fishes, which can be used for clearing ponds, species disinfection, water disinfection and fish disinfection, etc. in aquaculture of various fishes, shrimp, crab and bullfrog.

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