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Why does swimming pool disinfect strongly recommend disinfectants without bleach, liquid chlorine and bromine chlorine
- Mar 15, 2018 -

Every swimming pool management personnel should know the disinfection of water is the work which will be done everyday , is also a very important maintenance work. At present disinfectants in the pool mainly contain chlorine, the use of excess chlorine hazards to the human body, therefore the pool disinfection residual chlorine in the water after disinfection best between 0.3-0.5mg/L,No matter whether the residual chlorine is too high or too low ,it will have great harm to the tourists, so the control of amount is also crucial.

Then why the pool disinfectant will not recommended for the use of bleaching powder, liquid chlorine and bromine chlorine. Lets read analyze of the following disinfectant products.

bleaching powder : the main component is calcium hypochlorite , it is one of the first widely used disinfectant can be used for different water pool disinfection. In the acidic environment, good sterilization effect and quick reaction, but this disinfectant is not easy to preserve, light, moisture, heat will react with carbon dioxide,at the same time, aqueous solution is alkaline, need to use a large number of PH water reducing agent, and have a strong irritant to human gastric mucosa, respiratory tract, can cause severe cough.

Liquid chlorine : chlorine containing 100%, have the strong continued ability of sterilization,  low price. But it is invalid about the general measurement of the virus, after used in the pool after disinfection.And the acid is very strong, and the amount of liquid chlorine is not easy to control, so it is not recommended to use.

Bromochloro commonly known as bromide tablet. the active ingredient includes bromine and chlorine. It is generally crystalline powder and white tablets, it is more stable than other chlorine product.PH value will not be greatly affected, but if its used too much,its corrosive, have strong stimulation to the human body not only in skin, eye but also cell etc. at the same time, it will produce a carcinogen in the pool---bromate.

Therefore, we do not recommend the use of these disinfectants through the above analysis.

At present, Trichloroisocyanuria acid is the most widely used swimming pool, which is powdery and tablet and granular. It can quickly and effectively kill various pathogens, meanwhile maintaining effective chlorine balance and having little irritation to human body.

Thank you for reading.