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Introduction of the principle of swimming pool filtering
- Mar 29, 2018 -

Filter principle: sand cylinder is generally placed a certain amount of quartz sand, quartz sand sizes in a different range.in the sand tank, quartz sand from top to bottom, from this arrangement, normal filtration, water enters from the upper sand out from the lower. When the water flows from the filter layer, solid suspended substances in the water into the upper part of the filter material formed by micro hole adsorption and the role of mechanical retention on the surface layer by filter retention, at the same time, overlapping and bridging action took place between the interception of suspended solids, as if formed on the surface of the filter film suspended matter, continue to filter the water, this is called the surface layer of the thin film filter filter. This filtration effect is not only the surface of the filter layer, but also when water enters the intermediate filter layer, which is a filtration that is different from the surface layer. This effect is called osmotic filtration.