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Hygienic disinfection of sodium dichloride
- Jan 04, 2018 -

1. Detergent additive
   Sodium dichloride can be used as a writer with dry bleaching agent, bleaching detergent, cleaning powder, tableware detergent and other washing products in the additives, played bleaching, sterilization, increase the function of detergent, especially for protein, fruit juice cleaning effect best. Tableware disinfection, 1L water to add two sodium chloride 400~800mg, soak disinfection 2min can all kill E. coli, 8min above the killing rate of bacillus can reach more than 98%, 15min can completely kill hepatitis B virus surface antigen, in addition, Diclofenac sodium can also be used for fruit, egg appearance disinfection, refrigerator disinfectant deodorant and toilet disinfection deodorant.

2. Water disinfection of swimming pools
   If the water in the swimming pool is not disinfected, the germs will easily breed, and the wall of the pool is sticky with a layer of slippery, dirty microbial algae, the water emits unpleasant odor, swimmers contact with sticky algae will be annoying, polluted water will also make swimmers infected, light skin infection, heavy eyes, respiratory organs are infected, If you add two sodium chloride in the swimming pool water, not only the color blue, clear and shiny, smooth pool wall, no adhesion, swimmers feel comfortable, and in the use of concentration on the human body harmless, high sterilization efficiency, to protect people's health is very beneficial.

3. Disinfection of drinking water
   Sodium dichloride is used in drinking water, which can effectively kill all kinds of algae, bacteria, fungi, spores, etc., and destroy the color and odor of the pollutants such as hydrogen sulfide in water. When the concentration is 2x106, the killing rate can reach 100% for large intestine liver fungus, bone-mass inflammation virus, dysentery disease and hepatitis virus.