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How To Test Multi-Function Tablets To Confirm Their Good Quality
- Apr 16, 2018 -

   The tablets should be placed into the capacity with distilled water, the  temperature of the water is +25 C (200g tablets are put into a capacity of 20 litres BUT 20g tablets should be  put into a capacity of 2 litres). The water with tablets should be constantly stirred, the tablets must slowly dissolve within 10-14 days. Within 10-14 days the water should be changed twice in the capacity.  IT IS NOT ALLOWED  PARAFFIN OR ANY OTHER NOT SOLUBLE BINDER ADDITIVES IN THE TABLETS. The  Copper sulfate content  and the Aluminium Sulfate content in the tablets  should be controlled by the spectrometer, the active chlorine content in the tablets is controlled by titration.  IT IS NOT ALLOWED  Iron (Fe), Heavy metalls (Pb, Nickel, Cd) in the tablets.

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