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How to distinguish the water quality of the swimming pool?
- Mar 19, 2018 -

When we judge the swimming pool water treatment equipment, we should start judging from the following points:

Detail judgment on the advantages and disadvantages of the swimming pool.

 1.The quality of swimming venues should be set into compulsory shower device before the swimming area, which helps maintain the pool of health.

    2.The pool water needs to be replaced regularly.

 3.The swimming place must set up the lifeguard and the lifesaving equipment, and the professional lifeguard can provide effective safety guarantee for the swimmers.

 4.In addition, a swimming pool is aware of health and can be seen from some details. For example, the garbage bin in the toilet, whether there is garbage at the side of the pool, the clothes of the staff and so on. The place of health permit must be placed in an eye - catching place for a swimming place.


Look at the color

If the residual chlorine content is normal and the water quality is excellent, the swimming pool water laid with white ceramic tiles will show bright light blue.Some swimming pools in the swimming pool use light blue tiles, which will show a dark blue effect.


See voicing

The pool with clear turbidity reaches the bottom. It can be easily seen in the pool for 10 meters. If there is no sediment at the bottom of the pool, the time of the bubble dissipation is within fifteen seconds. This indicates that the water in the pond is often changed and clean.



If close to the surface can smell the faint smell of chlorine, it is qualified.


By feeling

People who often swim can feel the "soft" and "hard" of the water. The soft feeling indicates that the water quality is excellent, and they feel "hard" and "astringent", and even feel the itch and pain. The water quality may be worse.