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Factors affecting the use of disinfectants
- Jan 04, 2018 -

The use of disinfectant will be based on a variety of environmental factors to form different changes? How to maximize disinfection effect? What factors can affect its use?

1. Effect of temperature on disinfectant
   Generally speaking, more than the disinfectant in the low-temperature disinfection effect is poor, when the temperature is less than 16 ℃, the usual disinfectant for most pathogens will lose their role, disinfectant to the microbial killing force with the increase in temperature and enhance the temperature can make the disinfection effect of the disinfectant to enhance the effectiveness of antivirus. But the increase of temperature can not reach the limit that the disinfectant can accept, avoid the transpiration and differentiation of the effective ingredient of disinfectant, and affect the disinfection effect.

2. Effect of humidity on disinfectant
   Different disinfectants have their corresponding humidity range, such as solid disinfectant (cyanuric acid), soluble in water, when the swimming pool disinfection, appropriate to improve the indoor relative humidity, can significantly enhance its sterilization effect. But too much humidity will affect the disinfectant and microbial touch area, thus affecting the disinfection effect.

3. Influence of environmental ph value on disinfectant
   Effect of disinfection from two aspects. One is to affect the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, the second is the effect of the disinfectant, different disinfectant habits of different ph scale, and some sterilization effect along with the increase of ph value and strengthen; some ph lower, sterilization effect stronger.

Therefore, when we disinfect the object, we should correctly understand the influence of these environmental factors on the use of disinfectant, and strive to maximize the disinfection effect.