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Common formulations of sodium dichloride
- Jan 04, 2018 -

Sodium dichloride is often used in combination with phosphate, silicate, surfactant, salt, Shiyan, neutral salts, to enhance its ability of complex calcium, the hardness control of water, the ability to scale down and acid-base.

Tableware cleaning requires a high decontamination capacity, sterilization capacity, softening water capacity and a certain rate of dissolution, while protecting metal from corrosion. Typical formula: Two chloro-cyanuric acid sodium 3.5% (quality), trisodium phosphate 30%, sodium silicate hydrate 5%~10%, cationic surfactant 5%, sodium carbonate amount.

The typical formula of washing wool products: (1) Two chloro-cyanuric acid sodium 0.5 (quality), acetic acid 0.15, wetting agent 0.02, water 600, wool fabric 200, under normal temperature immersion time of 0.5h; (2) Two chloro-cyanuric acid sodium 0.5, Peracetic acid 0.15, wetting agent 0.02, water 600, wool fabric 200.

The disinfection formula of cotton fabrics such as pillow, towels, sheets, tablecloths, etc., for hotels and restaurants: Two chloro-cyanuric acid sodium 18% (quality, same below), sodium tripolyphosphate 20%, 12 alkyl benzene sulfonate 3%, sodium sulfate 34%, sodium carbonate 25%, effective chlorine 10%.

The disinfection formula under alkaline conditions: two chloro-cyanuric acid sodium 25% (mass, same below), trisodium phosphate 10%, sodium sulfate 65%, effective chlorine 13.9%.

Acid disinfection formula: Two sodium chloride 28% (mass, same below), sodium sulfate 42%, sodium hydrogen phosphate 30%, effective chlorate 15.5%.

Sterile formula under neutral conditions: two sodium chloride 34%~40% (mass, same below), sodium sulfate 60%~66%, effective chlorine 18.9%~22.4%.