Cyanuric Acid Powder

  • Cyanuric Acid 98.5%(CYA)

    Cyanuric Acid 98.5%(CYA)

    1. Cyanuric Acid Physical and Chemical Properties: Name: Cyanuric Acid Molecular Formula: C3H3N3O3 Molecular Weight: 129.07 CAS No.: 108-80-5 EINECS NO.: 203-618-0 Appearance: White powder or granular 2. Cyanuric Acid Applications: 1)Cyanuric Acid is mainly used in the...Read More
  • Cyanuric Acid 98.5% Powder

    Cyanuric Acid 98.5% Powder

    1. Product Name Cyanuric Acid 98.5% Powder 2. Basic Parameters 3. Applications 1)used in the manufacturing of cyanuric acid bromide, chloride, bromine chloride, iodine chloride cyanuric acid's salts, esters. 2)used for the synthesis of new disinfectant, water treatment...Read More
  • Chlorine 98.5% Powder

    Chlorine 98.5% Powder

    1. Product Name Chlorine 98.5% Powder 2. Basic Parameters 3. Features 1)It can be used for swimming pool and drinking water treatment and algae removing of industrial circulating water. 2)It can be used as preventive disinfection of house, hotel, hospital and public place;...Read More
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